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Performance and participation in folk and acoustic music,

song and dance across the North East of England.

Est. 2009.

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Here are some session tunes regularly played after classes (please scroll down).


Play along tracks and guitar chords for some of these sets are available on the Fiddle Tunes in Harmony website. We also offer a handbook for guitar players learning to accompany session tunes in DADGAD tuning, available here.


There are a lot of tunes here! Good starting points are:


  • Out on the Ocean/Moon and Seven Stars/Stool of Repentance

  • Hancock Waltz/Wuppertal Waltz

  • Winster Gallop/Jamie Allen/Salmon Tails

  • Hesleyside Reel/Morpeth Rant

  • Old Tom of Oxford/Princess Royal

  • Enrico/Ironlegs

  • Whinshields Hornpipe/Whinham's Reel

  • Margaret's Waltz

  • Ashokan Farewell (we always finish with this one)

Barrowburn Reel/Reconciliation Reel Hesleyside Reel/Morpeth Rant Blackthorn Stick/Rakes of Kildare Margaret's Waltz Out on the Ocean/Moon & 7 Stars/Stool of Repentance Radstock Jig/Sweets of May Skye Boat Song/Maries Wedding Miss Thompsons/Steamboat Spootiskerry/Willafjord Squirrel Up a Tree/Hogmanay Jig Winster Gallop/Jamie Allen/Salmon Tails Off to California/Boys of Blue Hill Bonaparte's Retreat Bonny at Morn Bonny Kate Orange in Bloom/The Man in the Moon Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Patsy Gearys The Sloe/Because He was a Bonny Lad Bob and Joan Ashokan Farewell Blarney Pilgrim The Ouseburn Fanny Poer Miss McLeods Planxty Hewlett Si Bheag Si Mhor Silver Spear/Maid Behind the Bar/Masons Apron Rose in the Heather/Connaughtman's Rambles/Kesh Jig New Rigged Ship/The 3 Sea Captains Floating From Skerry Lindisfarne Rothbury Hills Archibald McDonald of Keppoch Northumberland Leaving Caledonia Peter's Jig Charming Lovely Nancy Farewell to Glasgow Joe Hutton's March Bethany's Waltz Cook in the Kitcken Leerie's Air Paddys Trip To Scotland Paddy's no 2 Islay Rant Gneevguilia's Andrew's March Hancock Waltz/Wuppertal Waltz Teetotallers The Otters Holt High Road to Linton Foxhunters John Docherty's The Butterfly Miners of Wicklow Stirling castle Trip to Durrow Tommy Peoples' Mazurka Mazurka D'Auvergne Come to Berwick Johnny Michael Turner'€™s Cader Idris Warksburn Waltz Gaedebylaten/Appelbolaten Shingly Beach Rusty Gully/Dusty Miller/Reedhouse Rant Da Slockit Light The Gentle Light That Wakes Me March of the King of Laois Mr&Mrs MacLean Enrico/Ironlegs Whinshields Hornpipe/Whinham's Reel Calliope House/Bellingham Boat/Fogabella Harvest Home/Trumpet Hornpipe Kielder Schottische/Dormouse






Swallowtail Jig The Old Favourite Father O'Flynn The Sportsman's Hornpipe Cooley's Reel/Drowsy Maggie Red Haired Boy/Merry Blacksmith Newcastle Kilfenora Jig (5 part)

Session tunes

Old Tom of Oxford/Princes Royal Sir John Fenwick Captain Lanoe's